Top 10 Wedding Questions Answered to Help You with Your Wedding Preps

If you are planning a wedding, there are so many wedding questions that you need to be answered, so that you can plan the process smoothly and avoid any impediments on your big day. Here are top 10 questions answered for you that help you plan your wedding and guide you to make your wedding day most memorable and spectacular!

1. Do we have to Spend Thousands to Get a Perfect Wedding?

Some traditionalists may be ever convinced that perfection requires stacks of money. We utterly disagree with this, you can spend what you are comfortable spending. Perfection always varies, just remember you don’t need to try to impress anyone as it is your day.

2. Whats the Rules on ‘Plus One’ Guests?

We admit, navigating this is no easy feat! We say that anyone on your invite list who has a significant other (married/engaged/serious relationship) are top candidates to have plus one guest.

But it’s again down to what you both want! Remember you don’t need to invite anyone! But if you are open to plus ones, Look at venue numbers, cost of food and also if you know the requested plus one.

3. Who Pays for Bridesmaids/ Best Men?

The short version is, as a couple, you don’t have to pay for anything. Don’t be pressured into thinking otherwise!

You may feel it is the right thing to do, however, it is all driven by your budget. Most couples we talk to get a thank you present for their bridesmaids and best men but aren’t able to pay for anything else.

4. Are Photographers & Videographers Necessary?

Some way of capturing your memories and the happiness of the day is essential. A big cliche, which is 100% true, is that the day rushes past like a blur. Talented photographers and videographers capture both the key parts of the day and the smaller moments you miss. If budget is a problem, look at how you can involve your guests with disposable cameras or even ask for those with the newer smartphones to film key moments.

5. Should we Set Up an Open Bar?

Tradition dictates that you provide the drink for the first toast that often takes place in or around the speeches. An open bar, however, comes with a lot of considerations. It isn’t essential to have one and depending on numbers, sometimes we’d advise avoiding an open bar. If you do choose to go for this, keep a fair amount of your budget free so your guests can take advantage!

6. Do You Need a Rehearsal?

If you feeling particularly nervous, a rehearsal can be a huge reassurance to you and your partner. Also, a rehearsal can help your best man/bridesmaids be more settled in their role, especially if this is their first wedding.

Whether your ceremony is religious or not, a rehearsal can settle any nerves and allow you one chance to go through the motions of the day and work out the finer timings of the day.

7. What’s the Benefit of a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planners absolutely take the strain when it comes to the organisation of your wedding day. Planners, in short, should be experts in creating the ultimate day for you both. They can source and work with all your suppliers to create your perfect day whilst cutting down on your stress. The cost can vary hugely depending on who you use as most planners add the cost of their travel to their packages.

8. How far ahead do I need to plan?

The key point is that there is no limit! You can easily get engaged and not begin planning until a few months after. 12 months is plenty enough time for a couple to plan a full wedding without any help. Any less time and you may begin to struggle when booking a venue, especially if you want to get married on a summer weekend.

If time isn’t a luxury you have, extra help can aid the planning process hugely in the form of parents, friends or a wedding planner.

9. How many people do we invite?

No rules here apart from the need for two witnesses. You can invite hundreds of people if you have space and the budget.

10. Children or no children?

We’ve saved one of the most debated questions for last. Ultimately, it is your decision. You won’t have to look after any kids on the day but it does add another planning elements to make sure there are child-friendly options on hand for food and drink.

Look at how many children are likely to attend the wedding based on your current guest list. Does it make you worry or are you not phased? The answer to that question will likely help you make a decision.

Wrapping up

Just remember, however you go about it, it is a day about celebrating the love between you and your partner. Hopefully, these wedding questions answered will help you plan your wedding so much easier.