10 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Love notes filled with words of love and sweet wedding anniversary wishes. Culinary recreations of your favorite date. A night of stargazing. These represent just some of the fun things you can do with your spouse on your wedding anniversary. But you’re not limited to just those. The following list gives you ideas for 10 fun ways to spend your special day. Some of them are nostalgic. Others are tasty. All are romantic and unique. Let the adventure begin!

1. Take a Culinary Tour Back in Time

For many couples, the milestones in their relationship have been celebrated over plates of gnocchi, creme brûlée, and shrimp scampi. (Or some other worthy dishes.) If you and your spouse are foodies, why not celebrate your anniversary with a culinary tour back in time? You could choose one meal, in particular, to make together, say from your first date or your wedding day. Or make a sampler meal from each of your most memorable days together.

2. Under the Stars

If you have a pickup and live near the mountains, you and yours can spend the night stargazing in the back of your truck. Just pack up a picnic, some chilled wine, some blankets, and your compass. Drive out of town until you’ve reached a point where your stargazing won’t be diminished by the city lights. Roll the bedding out in the back of the truck and lie under a blanket of stars, staring into the heavens.

3. Lovers’ TV

Digital media like burnable DVDs allow you to capture those special moments with your spouse and set them to music. If you have tons of photos from your favorite hikes around the city, shots of your favorite meals in your town’s eateries, or even just pictures of the two of you goofing off at home, assemble them into a home movie for your love and set it to music.

4. Make Something Together

Have you ever wanted to try paint-n-sip? Or to throw a pot on a pottery wheel? If you and your spouse are the artsy types, a night creating beautiful art can be a lovely way to commemorate your anniversary. Not only could you make something to keep in your home, but you’ll also create something that expresses your feelings about one another.

5. Create a Focal Wall

Focal walls typically feature a series of family photographs set against a dramatically painted wall that contrasts in color from the other walls around it. Why not make a focal wall with your spouse for your anniversary? Choose your favorite photos of one another, convert them into black and white with a photo editing program, and hang up gallery style on your new wall.

6. Love Notes with a Twist

Husbands and wives often send each other love notes to express their deepest feelings for one another. Why not create love notes with a twist by making a romantic crossword puzzle for your spouse? You can find online crossword puzzle makers that allow you to personalize a puzzle just for your beloved.

7. Romantic Coupon Books

Romantic coupon books give you the opportunity to give of yourself to your spouse. Create one using craft supplies and fill it with promises for gifts like 10 kisses, a massage, or even a night of babysitting so that your spouse can go out with friends.

8. Renew Your Vows

Your wedding vows created your first anniversary. Why not recreate that special day and share it with family and friends? Saying your vows to one another again is a lovely way to express your deepest feelings to each other.

9. Make Matching Mugs or T-Shirts

Personalized mugs or T-shirts allow you to create your own private romantic swag. To do this, design something that fits you and your spouse’s personalities and have a local company print your design on a T-shirt or mug. Wear the T-shirt to bed or serve coffee in the mug to your spouse in bed on the morning of your wedding anniversary.

10. Go to an Escape Room

Want to be locked in a room with your spouse for an evening of fun? Then why not try out an escape room adventure? Escape rooms put people in a room or series of rooms for an allotted amount of time. During that time, they have to work together to solve a puzzle before the time is up. The rooms have themes like Harry Potter, ancient Egypt, or outer space. Pick a theme your spouse would love and go play!